As a business owner, you can relax knowing your products and specials are displayed professionally in a format people can browse through while enjoying time away from their computers. My service can supply special, custom images and photography set out in a way that invites curious eyes to take a second look.


Coachouse Marina Resort brochure by Loud Graphic Design

Coachhouse Marina Resort

An assignment from back in my university days in support of a holiday resort in Batemans Bay.

The software used to design this brochure include Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.



Reef Resort brochure by Loud Graphic Design


The cover of a 12 page brochure for a North Queensland resort.



Stepz Dance Academy brochure by Loud Graphic Design

Stepz Dance Academy

This brochure advertises a dance convention at Stepz Dance Academy’s new studio in Batemans Bay. One sided A4 brochure made completely in Photoshop then output to PDF format through Indesign software.