XPS High Density Modelling Foam – easy to carve
Extruded polystyrene foam is strong, incredibly easy to carve, shape/cut and is light weight, ideal for arts and craft projects.

Custom Sizes are Available.

Custom Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm to match MDF and plywoods.

Easy to work with using a hobby knife, file and sandpaper for a beautifully smooth finish ready for paint, fibreglass, wrap in fabric, let your imagination run wild. A hot wire cutter is another great way to cut XPS foam.

Some Features

Light Weight – Ideal for diorama construction, texturing and shaping.
Very Rigid – Stays straight and will not deform or warp (like timber can)
Cuts Easy – Knives, fine tooth hand saws, hot wire, drill bits for holes.
Sand Smooth – Use course sandpaper to remove large amounts of material or fine sandpaper to reach a smooth finish.
Shape & Carve – Files, hobby knives fine saw blades and sandpaper will easily achieve the shape you are looking for.
Easy to Glue – Use PVA, hot glue, liquid nails NOTE: Solvent based glues are not recommended as they will dissolve polystyrene.
Paintable – Acrylic paints are very suitable, follow standard painting procedures. Brush on or thin down to air-brush or spray.
NOTE: solvent based paints are not recommended as they will dissolve the foam.
Floats on Water – Highly water resistant
This popular polystyrene is commonly used as insulation in buildings and surfboard making and a great product for craft and hobby enthusiasts. Its fine, high density texture is consistent through the entire product allowing you to shape it to your heart’s content. Sand it smooth with 320 grit sandpaper for a flawless finish (see photos).

This yellow/orange extruded foam has a higher density and smoother texture than the more commonly seen white polystyrene foam used in packaging (see comparison photos).

Please contact me if you would prefer custom sizes.

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